About Us

DLJC Enterprise was established in Australia in 2014 in pursuit of capturing the ever-growing gourmet Food & Beverage market. With the increasing demand for healthy & gourmet dishes we have taken this opportunity to import the full Australian Lifestyle café experience to Singapore as we reshape the common misconception that healthy eating is tasteless & boring.

After much research & taste testing our in-house qualified Nutritionist & Food tech has developed a menu inspired by our Down Under Neighbours focusing on healthy eating without compromising the full flavour! Our concept is based on simple yet well-defined dishes combining with Avocado the super fruit that has taken the world by storm as it’s a must have ingredient in the most popular Australian Cafés! In such a bustling time constricted society it’s important to eat healthy so try our everyday food in which we take the extra step to bring you the Avorush experience.